I am an illustrator from Tucson, Arizona that currently lives in Cambridge Massachusetts.  I enjoy illustrating food, animals, and botanicals. 

Food brings people together. Food brings cultures together. You can measure care and love through dishes and meals. Food is so important to me because of the way it is universal and yet the meaning is unique for each person at the same time.

Growing up in the desert, I was always surrounded by cacti and desert plants. I fell in love with illustrating my surroundings, and continue to love and appreciate the nature I see every day.



Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Chloe fell in love with art when painting desert landscapes. Chloe works primarily with acrylic gouache, watercolors, pastel, and color pencil to create engaging, vibrant, and quirky patterns of food, animals, and botanicals. She is known for her excellent use of color and bringing her personality to all of her work.

©2018 by Chloe Silverberg